"I ain't some stream-lined caddilac but I'm working on moving fast, honey". 

I’m always reciting lines like this in my head, turning random thoughts into lyrics and then into songs, that's pretty much my favorite thing in the world. Since I was young, I've been writing songs, playing guitar, and humming little nothings along as I go. There is not a time I can remember when I didn't dream of playing my music for crowds in big auditoriums or at festivals somewhere. Although, when I was young my dreams usually had a soundtrack consisting of music by artists like John Hiatt, Ry Cooder, or Los Lobos.

A small farm in New Hampshire is where I grew up and where my true home still is.  It is the place where I taught myself how to play guitar. I can remember exploring the fret board of my first guitar with 8 year old hands, it was frustrating. Within the protective barrier of my bedroom walls, I practiced.  At college open mics and then venues within local music scene, I developed my style as a performer. Every time I stepped out on stage, performing became an urgent matter, the music reflecting sincerely upon my country upbringing.  I was soon performing at venues in Boston, Burlington, VT and many places in between.  Catching the attention of The Timberland Shoe Company, I became one of their featured artists.

After a stint in Nashville, TN I am once again touring around the towns and citys of my home state of New Hampshire and greater New England.





" Let me tell you a story about where I lived, through the hayfields up on the ridge."

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Cynthia Conigliaro

Licensed Booking Agent,

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